5 Impulses for sustainable improvement of corporate results

  1. If you want to improve your results, you need to encourage employees to perform, to be motivated to participate successfully.

    To this end, advacon has developed the 10 I chain for a powerful increase in motivation.

  1. Those who want to improve their results will not be able to do so with the methods, business models and processes of yesterday - however successful they may have been. Consistent change must be stringently pushed in the context of digitalization and agility.

    "It is not said that things get better when they get different. But if it's going to be better, it has to be different." Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

    The advacon "Quick Check" - developed on the basis of multiple practical tests - shows clear needs for action.

  2. If you want to improve your results, you have to put the complete use of funds - free of taboos - to the test. This applies in particular to the "eh there" costs. But also, for example, the IT contract and follow-up costs.

    With industry-specific "benchmarks" and transparency templates for cost checks, advacon provides helpful support.

    Important: advacon shows savings potentials through the application-optimized IT contract check.

  3. Those who want to improve their results must further develop qualifications, promote education and bundle competences in such a way that continuous innovations secure sustainable competitive advantages.

    advacon has developed basic principles for systematic innovation processes - also in the extended "Design Thinking" format. Target-oriented marketing project plans promote the probability of success. 
  4. Those who want to improve their results distribute responsibility where it belongs - so that functional and project teams can work agilely and make effective decisions.

    Leadership 4.0, efficient teamwork and goal-oriented cooperation are topics to which the advacon partners can make very up-to-date value contributions in the form of lectures, workshops and trainings.

    In short: The signals must be set to GREEN in order to achieve flow effects in a corporate culture with passionate will to win.

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