Important in the crisis: a broader perspective

Even if the present is extremely difficult and presents us with unprecedented challenges, there is still the responsibility of caring carefully for tomorrow. 

Of course, if there is a fire, discussing the fire safety regulations does not help, then it must be extinguished. From advacon's point of view, extinguishing means short-term action with consistent steps in the three fields of action: 

to find a way out of the crisis.

We have developed specific "Quick Checks" for all three topics and in-depth analyses based on these as the basis for our recommendations as to where and when the right and most important things should be done. We will present details of this in detail in the next newsletter.

What is important to me today is to point out that in addition to dealing with acute problems, the preparation of the future must not be missing - otherwise today's problems will be tomorrow's even greater dangers.

The - admittedly flappy - saying comes to mind:

                "When the water is up to your neck, you shouldn't let your head get wet."

Well, it wasn't supposed to come to that. But it is important that we don't let the crisis obscure our view.

It is now essential to look beyond the crisis and into the future!

If you don't think about your future now, you might not have one!

It is helpful that many events that took up our time before Corona Business trips, trade fairs, congresses, cultural and sporting events - do not take place, thus increasing the free time allotments.

Even though the formula: Crisis = opportunity has already been overused, it is there, the time of opportunity, the time to set the course now for a successful path into the future.

There are three fields of action that I have in mind in particular:

1. Seeing people even more strongly in focus means: promoting cohesion! The most important key is information.
Very accurate, honest and complete information along and across the entire company. The better and the more comprehensive the information, the greater the chance of reducing fears, promoting understanding for even painful measures, finding identification that motivates integration, i.e. strengthening the sense of belonging. Such a flow enlivens participation in the teams, in workshops, in workforces - but above all it inspires new ideas.  

2. Such a cultural upswing - above all an expanded bouquet of new Ideas - fertilizes the 2nd field of action: Innovations.
This refers to innovations in all service areas:

and so on.

"Fewer innovations despite digitisation", is the headline of the FAZ on the front page of the business section on 21.02.2020 and adds in the subheading: "Are companies running out of ideas?"

If digitisation slows down innovations, then something essential is going wrong. It should be the other way around: Digitization opens up huge potential for innovation. Innovation requires the necessary climate and spirit within the company. 

What is needed at this time is a mental change in the corporate culture - or better: in the employees who shape this culture! The change from fears, apprehension, resignation to the desire for a courageous departure with a hopeful (optimistic) look ahead and consistent action. 

The third field of action is inseparably linked to these two themes:  

3. Education

Education -> further education -> qualification, continuous learning is essential in the digital age.

Data, knowledge and ideas are the raw materials of our competitiveness. Whoever succeeds best in this combination now will win competitions in the future.

Only those who consider their knowledge to be their most important resource and therefore constantly expand, improve and refresh it with the latest findings, can and should know how to go on (go better).

Every form of promotion of education, qualification, and think tanks secures an effective future.

At present, defeatists, scaremongers and sceptics have enough arguments on their side and encouragers have to justify themselves. Nevertheless, my conviction remains: the future belongs to the far-sighted, the encouragers determined by responsible care.

In this sense, my wishes apply to you: I wish you the right selection in your priorities for action. I wish you successful cohesion in your company and personally I wish you God's blessing: Stay healthy and safe.

With refreshing greetings from Asslar

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