Compliance Management

What would be the impact of a scandal on your company? Reputation is lost quickly and markets collapse subsequently. Consumers and businesses react more and more critically to such news. You will be on the safe side with the advacon Compliance Management. We know the pitfalls involved in the design and implementation of guidelines and policies and help you circumvent them skillfully.

Recommended contents:

  • Analysis of the rules and values applicable to the company
  • Support in the establishment of a code of conduct for the company, its suppliers and employees
  • Facilitation of individual workshops to implement compliance rules among the employees
  • Design of an outward-facing information process to strengthen the confidence of customers, suppliers and organizations
  • Design of a control system to ensure and document rule-compliant behavior
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Management Manual

Do you have full control over your business processes and execution? The advacon Management Manual will help you administer your businesses duties responsibilities and the delegation of authority in a clear and audit-compliant manner. The focus is on promoting the outcome driven cooperation of all employees.

Recommended contents:

  • Joint development of a code of conduct
  • Creation of compliance rules, responsibility rules, signature rules, vehicle fleet regulations, development of your travel expenses policy
  • Implementation of a meaningful, well-structured reporting system
  • Additional rules and requirements (e.g. work instructions, time recording, vacation policy, etc.)
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Process Optimization

Your processes – effective but also efficient? The advacon Process Optimization is the package to increase your internal efficiency, reduce personnel and material cost, create transparency, ensure quality, and much more. Jointly with all parties involved, we are creating the structures needed get these done.

Recommended contents:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the business processes, identification of improvement potential
  • Joint development of measures to increase the effectiveness of current performance in the context of process design, including: workplace organization and manpower planning / standardization of the introversive and extroversive processes / organization and structure of material flow systems / optimization of quality processes / introduction of CIP management
  • Support of implementation of process integration
  • Facilitation of workshops for staff training and creation of acceptance within the workforce
  • Fostering further evolution of process optimization through regular monitoring
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Process Organization and Implementation

How do arenew processes implemented in a sustainable way? With your business knowledge and advacon’s Process Organization and Implementation, we jointly develop a forward-looking, innovative and needs-based process organization and ensure a sustainable deployment of the desired target organization.

Recommended contents:

  • Holistic approachto process evaluation to promote interdisciplinary activities and to avoid specialization
  • Creation of a target concept
  • Support during deployment
  • Development of reporting systems
  • Completion actual to plan reviews
  • Facilitation of change management workshopswith employees invovled
  • Introduction of a sustainable and market-oriented change process to create continuous, flexible, innovative, and adaptable a process organization
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In a digital world, only those who set up their company digitally themselves will remain competitive. But what does digitization mean and how can companies successfully manage the transformation process to a digital enterprise? One thing is for sure: Digital transformation means thinking, acting and managing digitally. This requires an overall digital strategy.

Recommended contents:

  • Competent analysis of your operational basis with applications and processes
  • Support of optimization processes through experience-based suggestions for action
  • Identification of transformation competencies at all levels of the company
  • Support in the expansion of the product / service offering
  • Support in the definition of new business models
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