Winning Culture

What is driving you and your company to achieve outstanding results? Advacon’s motivational speech "Successful in competition: With a corporate culture characterized by a passionate will to win", Norbert Müller, managing owner of advacon GmbH & Co. KG, addresses leaders and nonconformists of our time. Learn how to - in the eye of your customer - successfully differentiate yourself from competition through fostering a unique corporate culture, and what qualities really push your business forward.

Recommended contents:

  • Corporate culture: A leadership task consisting of competence, demonstrated role model behavior, communication, and the trust in employees doing the right thing
  • Enthusiasm & passion as engine of the company
  • Visions & aspiration: The fascination of uniqueness
  • Creativity: The freedom to break rules
  • Originality: Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way
  • Quality: Competence in knowledge and methods
  • Intensity: Being faster and better than the competition
  • Stamina: Perseverance and sustainability
  • Superiority: Courage to depart
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People- and Results-oriented Leadership

What makes a good leader? Advacon’s workshop People- and results oriented Leadership is designed to assist in the development of your management and senior executives. Good leaders are looking for the best employees, strive to mobilize their followers, create transparent organizations and opportunities for growth and development associated with these. We prepare you to meet these challenges.

Recommended contents:

  • Taking inventory of your current and future executives. Identify areas of skill enhancement and advanced training needs
  • Presentation of and reflection on the five mindsets of executives (reflective, analytical, worldly, cooperative and action-oriented mindset)
  • Workshop “Efficiency and effectiveness of leadership – action geared towards sustainable improvement of results”
  • Discussion and joint development of individual recommendations for action, addressing the challenges of the future:
    • Management becoming more complex
    • World becoming less predictable
    • Increasing number of stakeholders with an array of expectations
  • Executive coaching and support in developing future top performers
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Succession Coaching

Do you know if your company is in the best of hands? Advacon’s workshop Succession Coaching is aimed at both parties, those who seek assistance in arranging for their succession, and at those who accept the challenge of it. Our longstanding experience allows us to be your partner and intermediary who is ready to advise you in all areas.

Recommended contents:

  • Determining the current situation of your company
  • Summarizing your corporate culture
  • Joint development of a succession process
  • Assistance in finding suitable successors regarding relating with the company and corporate culture, expertise, and skills
  • Facilitation of assessment centres to determine potential qualification needs of the successors
  • Mediation amongst the transferring and accepting individuals to avoid conflicts
  • Joint development of objectives and of a mutually agreed strategy to define a path to sustainable management of the company, in line with the corporate philosophy and culture
  • Joint formulation of individual recommendations for action and communication with all stakeholders
  • Assistance in discussions and negotiations with tax advisers and auditors

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Change Management

Are you looking to reset your business to address the constant changes in your markets, international challenges, etc.? Advacon’s approach to Change Management is aiming to assistbusinesses that face a step change,companies with growing pains, companies in need of restructuring, or with problems in management succession. We help you staying on the road of success or get you back on track.

Recommended contents:

  • Analysis and assessment of current business structure and processes
  • Analysis of competitive environment, identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Joint development of strategic goals and appropriate business strategy
  • Assist in preparation of annual planning in order to incorporate KPI’s that help measure strategic outcomes
  • Conducting workshops with your staff
  • Joint development of specific actions and concrete measures to optimize existing business processes
  • Support in implementation and stabilization of new business structure and processes
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Onboarding new executives

Quite hidden, often embarrassing ... up to 50% of new managers fail within the first 18 months! Here massive misinvestments happen.

  • wrong selection?
  • failed integration into the corporate culture?

       =     as a result missing acceptance and financial damages in the millions!

This is avoidable: 

a) Through a thorough, structured recruitment process and more importantly 

b) A structured onboarding process of new leaders. 

advacon has developed a roadmap that has been successfully practiced many times over - with many important details that lead to the successful integration of the executive in the company, especially in the leadership of the company and the rapid, positive design of the leadership position. 

Do not miss this great opportunity to avoid bad investment in human resources.

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Human Value Audit

The Human Value Audit is a personnel selection tool that aims to define predictions for successful collaboration while helping you decide if the right person is in the right job. 

The participants of the Human Value Audit will be

  • in six exercises 
  • each of two observers 
  • in six areas assessed. 

The competence categories and fields can be individually adapted and applied.

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