Sustained Performance Improvement

How can you reduce your costs? Advacon’s approach to Performance Improvement uncovers opportunities for short-, medium- and long-term performance improvements in your business. Jointly we turn every stone and identify the areas with potential for optimization and cost reduction. Recommendations for action are specifically geared towards your individual structure will create sustained value for you.

Recommended work plan:

  • Analysis and evaluation of cost categories and potential wasted cost
  • Development of cost-cutting measures for optimizing fixed and variable costs and yielding a sustained increase in operating result
  • Analysis and evaluation of inventories and inventory turns
  • Improvement of delivery terms through strategic purchasing
  • Review of product calculations
  • Increased productivity in manufacturing and administration
  • Joint development of programs and concepts for sustainable employee qualification and retention
  • Analysis of operational business processes and recommendation of streamlining measures
  • Development of specific action items for sustained performance improvement
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Controlling Optimization

What metrics do you use? Advacon’s approach to Controlling Optimization reviews the quality of your financial control systems and reports in the context of your particular business segment and division. Jointly we will develop suitable KPIs. As outcome we establish a clear-cut reporting system. By using this specified and structured cockpit your business can retrace and understand trends, position you to intervene in a timely manner when deviations of plan occur.

Recommended contents:

  • Analysis and evaluation of your current reporting system
  • Review of the organizational and functional design. Recommendations for redesign if necessary
  • Design of a meaningful performance measurement system and reports to enable efficient controlling
  • Introduction of a well-defined planning structure
  • Introduction of key decision metrics to manage the daily business
  • Implementation of a cockpit with traffic light function and defined bandwidth for deviation
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Working Capital Analysis

Do you know where your cash is tied up? Advacon’s approach to Working Capital Analysis identifies existing weaknesses, as well as improvement potential with respect to the commitment of capital in your business. Using measures customized to your specific situation, we improve the business liquidity, thus enhancing financial agility and competitiveness.

Recommended content:

  • Analysis and assessment of critical working capital positions
  • Processing and interpretation of collected data
  • Formulation of concrete recommendations for action
  • Definition of KPI’s focusing on critical areas for success
  • Integration of recommendations into the business process
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Audit Management

How do you check and monitor your internal performance? Advacon’s approach to Audit Management assists you in the design and implementation of an internal auditing system. Outcomes are an objective analysis and increased transparency of your business processes, uncovering of potential shortcomings, as well as exposing potential failures to comply with management rules. Once implemented the increased effectiveness of risk management is one of the many added values which internal audit offers you.

Recommended contents:

  • Analysis and evaluation of corporate structure and process, uncovering of potential exposures, failures to comply
  • Definition of required processes and directives, preparation of a documentedmanagement handbook
  • Adaption of existing processes to comply
  • Specification of future of the audit processes, scopes, and intervals
  • Support during the implementation of the internal audit function, joint reflection and development of measures, actions for your business processes
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