Internationalization Strategy

Is the world your marketplace? The advacon Internationalization Strategy support you in designing a roadmap to successful international business development and/or expansion into defined target markets. With us at your side, you can safely and confidently open up new markets and turn into a reputable "Global Player".

Recommended contents:

  • Analysis of target markets to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Processing and interpretation of the data collected
  • Definition of focus segments
  • Development of strategies and measures for continuous market development
  • Prioritization of sales channels, design of action deployment plan
  • Search for distribution partners and multipliers
  • Design of sales organization
  • Design and organizational development of global sales offices
  • Providing support at the head quarter office and abroad
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Go-to-Market Strategy

How do you ensure the long-term success of your company? Advacon’s approach on Go-to-Market Strategy positions your team for success. Based on the outcomes of our independent analyses, we jointly formulate realistic and motivating goals, and develop your sales and marketing strategy. We accompany you throughout the implementation process of these measures.

Recommended content:

  • Analysis of the current state
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses (business, market, product)
  • Analysis of market and competitor environment, trends and customer requirements
  • Interpretation of the collected data
  • Joint formulation of business objectives
  • Joint development of Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Design of specific implementation plan and structures
  • Initiation and monitoring of target-oriented measures

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Market Analysis

Do you know your marketplace? Thorough Market Analysis is the foundation of a solid strategy. As part of our analysis we research the markets specific to your industry segment, their projection to evolve and competitive field. Understanding of your buisness’ position in the market will help to successfully exploit potentials, create customer focus and always be a step ahead of competition.

Recommended contents:

  • Classification of relevant market
  • Determination of market size and market shares
  • Analysis of market growth, potentials, and dynamics
  • Carrying out customer analysis
  • Carrying out competitive analysis
  • Processing and interpretation of the data collected
  • Individualized recommendations for strategy and next actions
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Innovation Management

Do you know today your customers’ needs of tomorrow? The advacon Innovation Management is your first step to change. There are more than enough me-too suppliers in the market. To actually distinguish oneself from the market requires innovations that customers really need and appreciate accordingly. Our guideline presents strong arguments for an innovation management at your company and gives specific incentives to reflect on one’s own performance.

Recommended contents:

  • Analysis of the market environment (customer demand and requirements, competition, substitutional competition, market position and KPIs to be aimed at)
  • From vision to mission to innovation: What are the drivers for your ideas, products and concepts?
  • Market and customer orientation: Reasons for proximity to and cooperative partnership with the customer
  • Thinking in solutions and benefits: Development of added value for your customers
  • Predicting technology trends and analyzing their impact on the future demand areas of your customers. Derived from this, introducing innovation processes to products, systems and services
  • Perseverance and patience: Where do you find the energy and motivation to implement your ideas
  • Dealing with skeptics
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Proactive Sales Management

What makes a sales organization a "winning team"? Advacon’s approach to Sales Management assists in increasing sales performance. Outcomes are jointly defined structures, systems and processes that make your sales and distribution organization a "winning team". Surprise your customers with excellent service and exceptional performance and increase your efficiency at the same time in a sustainable way.

Recommended contents:

  • Analysis and assessment of current structures and processes in your sales organization
  • Formulation of desired target performance
  • Design and implementation of market- and customer-oriented sales structures matching the long-term business strategy
  • Initiation of a change management program
  • Workshops with the sales team
  • Creation of competency guidelines for day-to-day business
  • Implementation of performance-oriented programs and incentive systems
  • Development of a comprehensive sales cockpit
  • Joint development and implementation of measures to build a practice-oriented CRM system
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Die Welt ist Ihr Marktplatz? Die advacon Internationalisierungs-Strategie ist Ihr Fahrplan zum sukzessiven internationalen Geschäftsauf- bzw. -ausbau in definierten Zielmärkten. Mit uns an Ihrer Seite erschließen Sie sicher und selbstbewusst neue Märkte und entwickeln sich zu einem Marktteilnehmer mit dem Prädikat „Global Player“.

Empfohlene Inhalte:

  • Analyse der Zielmärkte zur Ermittlung von Stärken- und Schwächen
  • Aufbereitung und Interpretation der erhobenen Daten
  • Definition der Fokusmärkte
  • Ableitung von Strategien und Maßnahmen zur kontinuierlichen Bearbeitung der Märkte
  • Identifizierung der aussichtsreichsten Vertriebskanäle
  • Suche von Vertriebspartnern und -multiplikatoren und Aufbau Ihrer Vertriebsorganisation
  • Aufbau Ihrer Auslandspräsenz bis hin zu eigenen Auslandsniederlassungen
  • Unterstützung am Stammsitz und im Ausland (wie z. B. in Nordamerika durch unsere lokale Präsenz vor Ort)